Robbert Jongeling

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I’ve been in Sweden for a few years now and enjoy exploring by day the nature on foot, by bicycle, and ice skate. These activities also give a good appetite for testing bullar in all their delicious forms. Long live fika!

Lego postcard of Västerås
Västerås postcard 🙂

Designing brick creations

I’ve recently discovered custom designing of builds using LEGO® bricks. My first creation is this postcard of Västerås 🙂 I’m selling them as custom sets, let me know if you want one, or if you want me to design another custom build for you!


I enjoy cycling and did a few multi-day bike-packing trips within Sweden, such as from Västerås to Göteborg, or as seen on the picture, a shorter trip to Stockholm. I’ve also completed Vätternrundan, which is a very exciting and large yearly cycling event around lake Vättern.



I’m trying to learn how to take proper pictures through my telescope. Please let me know if you have any tips.

And much more…

I also like to play casual games of badminton, chess (bonus points if you can guess the opening shown), and board games in general.

wall chess 🙂